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When people say they want "free online pets" that could mean more than one thing.

They may be looking for pet classifieds if they are looking to own a pet that someone is giving away.

Or they may be looking for a virtual pet which is available only online, of course.

One of the more famous websites for virtual pets is Neopets where you can find pet games, pet bulletin boards and much more. All cartoons!

VirtualPet.com has a long list of virtual pets sites.

If you cannot bring a real live pet into your home, you can adopt a free virtual pet to play with. Your child will have plenty of fun caring for his or her pet online. There are lessons to be learned. They must make sure their online pet is fed, exercised and cleaned.

A virtual pet is worth investigating. People seem to love the ability to make your own virtual pet. This is the process of picking out aspects of the type of pet you want and also picking the environment you want your virtual pet to live in. Even another twist is to get virtual pet games free. It's the rage!


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