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Pets, especially dogs, have a commanding presence on the Internet. The sheer numbers of various pet sites bears witness to the love we have for our pet

So it is no surprise that when a person wants to adopt a pet or buy supplies for a pet they turn to the web. They are not disappointed.

FindAPetOnline.com lets you put up 30 ads for free. They also have connections for pet groomers, breeders, boarding, trainers and more.

When you look for a pet online be careful about scams. There are numerous stories of people from outside the US having you deposit money into a bank account to cover costs and such. This applies to people who are selling pets in the US as well. These scams are craftily prepared to deceive you.

Why anyone would buy a pet outside their own state is beyond me. Shipping pets long distances is a misery for all involved, especially the pets.

For Chihuahua dogs you may have to travel a long distance to choose and pick up your pet. You will spend plenty of time looking but this is a necessity.


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