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Miniature Chihuahua Puppies for Sale

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A miniature chihuahua puppy, though very small, is easily kept and will be a great companion. He is very stable and emotionally secure. They are sturdy but fragile if handled roughly or dropped. These dogs don't know their own size, though, as they will bark incessantly when 

strangers or other dogs are in their vicinity. You might say they are like alert alarms for humans.

Having said that, it is not recommended that any small dogs be left in the hands of children as they may drop them and cause severe injury. Even taking them for a walk can spell trouble as it is easy to step on them. 

The Chihuahua makes a great pet for elderly folks because they will treat them with kindness and safety at all times. Chihuahuas love to jump into your lap and they want lots of fondling. A Chi will adapt well to apartment living as well.

You can expect your Chihuahua to want to sleep in your bed with you as well. 

The miniature or teacup Chihuahua is easily kept clean as he can fit into your bathtub or sink with no difficulty. In addition the short hair variety needs little grooming. 

The miniature Chihuahua gets along with other dog breeds although a very large dog may hurt him unintentionally.

Most Chihuahuas love to travel with you in cars and other conveyances. They will sit calmly in the back seat or on the floor.

They are also easy to take long distances in airplanes. Most airlines will allow you to take dogs under 20 pounds into the cabin of the plane with you if you have them in some type of kennel. The kennel can be made of cloth or plastic. The dog will be very quiet during the flight so you don't need to worry about disturbing other passengers. 

So, where will you find a miniature puppy for sale? If you don't see ads in your local area, you can do a search in your favorite search engine and turn up scores of dogs in seconds.

You may want to investigate as well, though they dogs are not for sale at that website.

You may want to familiarize yourself with the National Breed Registry if you want a puppy that has good papers. Not all people care about this when they buy their puppy, though. Dogs without papers are just as fine as one with papers. 

An organization like the National Kennel Club IncŪ can help you get papers for your dog if you want to enter dog shows.

Other names for this beloved small breed are:

teacup tiny chihuahuas 
 has some nice miniature chihuahuas for sale. has free puppy ads.

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