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Funny Chihuahua Stories

Visit to Mexico

There's a story about a woman who visits Mexico, and in the midst of her vacation finds a small chihuahua following her. She takes it back to her hotel room and eventually becomes so attatched to it that she smuggles it back into the U.S by hiding it inside her shirt.

Later on, back at home for some time now, the dog gets violently ill. She takes it to the 

vet, who takes her back to his office and demands to know where she got the animal. She lies and says that she purchased the dog at a local pet store, but the vet doesn't buy it. After relentlessly demanding time after time, she finally gives in and admits that she smuggled the dog across the border, screaming "What difference does it make, anyway? It's only a chihuahua!"

"No, it isn't." Replied the doctor. "It's a Mexican sewer rat, and it has rabies.

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