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Preparations for a New Chihuahua Puppy
By Connie Limon Platinum Quality Author

At last your new family member is coming home! You need to make some plans before bringing home your bundle of joy of a Chihuahua puppy. Make some of your home off-limits at first.

Now about furniture: Chihuahuas enjoy looking around their surroundings while perched

on high….but they can hurt themselves jumping off high places. A good general rule to follow is if they can’t jump up to a place by themselves, they shouldn’t jump down from that place. You can buy or make a ramp that leads to favorite lookouts or nesting spots. Be sure a sleeping Chihuahua puppy or adult cannot roll off a high bed.

Chihuahua Puppy “things” to have in Advance of Arrival

• Toys: Fleece-type toys, balls, stuffed animals, empty plastic soda bottles and interactive toys. Check the toys you purchase to be sure no parts like squeakers or plastic eyes can be pulled off and swallowed.

• Chewbones: I recommend Nylabone edible and plastic in the petite size.

• Food and water bowls: Avoid plastic. I think stainless steel is about the best choice and bowls that have protective bottoms to keep them from sliding.

• Food: Start with the same food the Chihuahua puppy was eating with the breeder. Change to a new food very, very slowly, adding only a few kernels of the new food over a period of 2 or 3 weeks until you have completely changed him over to the food you prefer to feed.

• Soft buckle collar: Cat collars even work well for Chihuahua puppies.

• Lightweight leash: In general it seems the Chihuahua does not like to go on long walks. However, you will need a leash and collar for outside housebreaking or just to keep good control on the Chihuahua puppy where you go.

• Sweater: If your area is cool to cold.

• Coat: If your area is cool to cold.

• Fleece t-shirts: If your area is cool to cold.

• Soft brush.

• Dog Shampoo (consult with your vet or groomer about which kind).

• Nail clippers: guillotine type is easiest to use.

• Dog bed

• Dog crate for housebreaking and den times.

• Baby gates

• A doggy door

• Poop scoop: Two-piece set

• Fenced outdoor area.

Also beware of the following household killers to your new Chihuahua puppy:

• Drugs

• Chocolate (especially baker’s chocolate)

• Rodent, snail and insect baits

• Antifreeze

• Household cleaners

• Paint thinner

• Toilet fresheners

• Nuts, bolts, pennies, and any metal – especially zinc

• Pins and needles, and anything in a sewing basket

• Chicken bones or any bone that could be swallowed

• Sponges

You will need to think about some kind of identification. The following list may help you decide:

• A license tag

• A tag made of a brass plate fit snug to the collar

• Tattoos

• Microchips

Chihuahua puppies can chew electrical cords and/or lick outlets that can cause electrocution and burns. Take precautions with your electric cords and outlets.

Chihuahua puppies can jump or fall from decks and staircases. These are prime areas to use your baby gates.

Take a look at what lies close within your Chihuahua puppy’s reach. Put up or remove all your treasured items. You don’t want to find things you cherish all chewed up by little Chihuahua puppy.

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