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Is your dog sick and how do you know?

What should you look for to see if your dog is ill? If you dog vomits consistently then he may be very sick. Occasional vomiting is usually not an indication of much. 

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If he is constantly sniffling with nasal discharge then you should watch him carefully. If the discharge becomes thicker and discolored, then your dog may have pneumonia.

A few loose stools are not serious but if the loose stools are continuous then your dog may have serious bowel disorder.

Does your dog itch a lot? If so, check the skin beneath the fur and look for unusual lesions. Look for ticks and lice on his skin. You can get a prescribed remedy from your veterinarian. This may be in the form of a medicated shampoo.

As your dog gets older he will, of course, walk slower and even in a different manner. This is not necessarily a danger signal. But if he is reluctant to get up and walk at all, then he could have a more serious problem. 

Your dog's eyes need to be examined at an older age. With anemia, the eyes become pale. 

The most common and more serious dog conditions are:

1. Skin problems/allergies - our lab mutt chewed much of the hair off her back end. The skin was red and splotched. We changed her diet where the food's first ingredient was fish, fowl or meat instead of the usual corn. This worked for our dog after a couple of weeks.

2. Heart Worms - a common symptom is a hacking cough. If your dog is listless and reluctant to exercise you may suspect heart worms. This is a dangerous and often fatal illness.

3. Ear Infections - if your dog is scratching his ears often then he probably has an ear infection. He may whine and discharge a crusty substance. This is usually a yeast infection. Visit your vet immediately.

4. Conjunctivitis - an eye condition caused by parasites, allergies and infections. Your dog's eyes will typically show discharge that has a green color and it can be thick.

5. Mange- If your dog is doing a lot of scratching he may have mange. It is caused by burrowing mites in the skin. The skin will release a serum that causes the hair to fall out. Treat this immediately.

If you are attentive to your dog you will know when to take action and visit the vet.

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